Kid Pens


Spinner pen Molino - White
Twist action ball pen in ABS with spinner on top. Blue ink.


Ball pen with hand top Hello - Orange
Thumbs up for this plastic ball pen, featuring a hand shape push button. Blue ink.


Ball pen with Xmas motifs Coolpen
colourful wooden ball pen with Christmas motifs on the top. Blue ink.

Folder2 Go

Colouring set with 6 pencils Folder2 Go
Children colouring set with 30 colouring sheets. Includes 6 colouring pencils, sharpener and eraser.


Heart shape light top ball pen Romeo
Plastic ball pen with blue ink refill and heart shaped soft rubber top with blinking light. Hit it and it will light up. 3 cell batteries included.

BEETLE. Pencil - White
Sharpened charcoal pencil with rubber toy, available in different designs. ø7 x 188 mm

CHAMELEON. Flexible pencil - Orange
Flexible pencil with rubber, available in different colours. ø6 x 297 mm
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