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Piggy bank Softco - White
Piggy bank in PVC with ABS stopper on the bottom.


Pencil case Iris - Black
Pencil case in foam with carabiner.


Fleece blanket with bear Manta - White
Children's fleece blanket with teddy bear toy holding the blanket with fastening tape hands.


Teddy bear key ring Nil - White
Teddy bear plush key ring. 100% cotton t-shirt for logo imprint.


YoYo with light Flashyo - Orange
Yoyo with flashing red colour light. Includes 2 cell batteries.


Teddy bear Nil - White
Teddy bear plush. 100% cotton t-shirt for logo imprint.


Ball pen with hand top Hello - Orange
Thumbs up for this plastic ball pen, featuring a hand shape push button. Blue ink.


Teddy bear plus with hoodie Johnny - White
Teddy bear plush wearing a hooded sweater. Sublimation print available on white item only.


Bubble stick blower Sopla - White
Bubble stick blower. 30 ml capacity.


PVC duck - White
PVC duck medium size. Can be squeezed to relieve stress.


Children beach set Sandy
Children sand game composed of a bucket, a shovel, a rake and 2 moulds to make nice sand models. All made in shiny PP.


Painting set in wooden box Beau
Mini artist's set in wooden box including 8 crayons, 12 water colours, 1 paint brush, 1 sharpener, 1 eraser and 1 pencil.
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