Square shaped highlighter Squarie
Square shaped highlighter in ABS casing. 4 colour ink: yellow, fuchsia, orange and green.


5 colour highlighter Colore
5 colour highlighter in hand shape. Large printing area.

Duo Paper

2 in 1 carton pen highlighter Duo Paper
2 in 1 recycled carton barrel ball pen and yellow highlighter. Blue ink.

MEMORY FLASH. CARIOCA® highlighter - Orange
Highlighter with clip and non-slip relief at the tip. Clear body and cap. 15 x 123 mm

SPARK. Highlighter - Yellow
Highlighter with clear body and cap. 26 x 104 mm

GRAND. 3 in 1 multifunction ball pen - Orange
3 in 1 ball pen with blue ink, highlighter and compartment with 8 colourful paper clips. ø18 x 149 mm

TRIAN. Highlighter
3-colour triangle shaped highlighter: yellow, pink and green. 79 x 79 x 13 mm
Prices are per unit, excluding printing, shipping & VAT.