3 Service

Camping SS cutlery set 3 Service - Matt Silver
Camping cutlery set in stainless steel with aluminium handle. Combination spoon, fork and knife supplied in black pouch.

Chin Set

3 in 1 cutlery set Chin Set - Lime
Re-usable cutlery set made of 50% bamboo fibre and 50% PP. Includes knife, fork and spoon in case. ''Not available for sales in the EU''


Bamboo cutlery set Setboo
Re-usable bamboo cutlery set in canvas pouch. Includes knife, fork and spoon. Bamboo is a natural product, there may be slight variations in colour and size per item, which can affect the final decoration outcome.

Lery - 94039

LERY. Stainless steel cutlery set - Black
Cutlery set with 3 foldable pieces: a stainless steel spoon, fork and knife. This set is supplied in a 600D pouch. Folded: 92 mm | Open: 165 mm | Bag: 80 x 110 mm

Rhubarb - 93866

RHUBARB. Cutlery set - White
PP cutlery set including 3 cutlery: fork, knife and spoon. 31 x 178 x 20 mm

Suya - 94077

SUYA. Wooden cutlery set
Wooden cutlery set consisting of: fork, knife and spoon. Includes kraft napkin. Supplied in a kraft paper pouch. 62 x 216 mm
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