Candles & Incense Sets


Scented candle in glass Selight - White
Sandal wood fragranced small candle in coloured glass.


Transparent glass holder candle - White
Fragranced small candle in transparent glass holder with coloured tea light.


2 candles with glass holder Antique
Set of 2 silver candles with glass holder. Presented in transparent box with label for printing.


Set of 4 candles Intuition
Set of 4 silver candles. Presented in transparent box with ribbon and label for printing.


Aroma diffusor
Aroma diffusor with 3 reed sticks. Beech wood top and glass. Fragrance Lily and Jasmine. Capacity 30 ml. As wood is a natural material, the colour per item can vary. Top wood part absorbs/assimilates oil which helps spread fragrance.


7 colour changing aroma diffuso Aromaud
Aroma diffusor with 7 colour changing mood light in bamboo look. Capacity 170 ml.

SWEET. Heart-shaped candle
Heart shaped candle and glass base. Gift box included. Box: 93 x 93 x 25 mm
Prices are per unit, excluding printing, shipping & VAT.