Gels & Sprays

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30 ml sunscreen lotion Suncare - White
Sunscreen lotion with SPF25 with carabiner. 30ml.

Fill It Up

Refillable bottle 80ml Fill It Up
Refillable bottle in PET with flip cap. Capacity 80 ml.

Eric - 94891

ERIC. Sunscreen - White
SPF30 sunscreen with a capacity of 30 ml. The sunscreen package has a metal carabiner.Legal information available at: PT, EN, ES, FR, IT, DE, PL, CZ, SK, RO, RS, HR, NL, HU, DK, NO, SV, BG.93 x 50 x 23 mm


Sanitizer bottle kit in pouch
Bottle kit in a PEVA pouch. These bottles can be filled with hand sanitizer, soap or other liquids to keep you safe and clean. One bottle has a flip cap that is easy to use with gel type liquids. The other bottle has a pump, which is ideal for other liquids. Both bottles are made from PET plastic. Bottles are supplied empty. Capacity of 100ml each.

Fill It 100

Refillable bottle 100ml Fill It 100
Refillable bottle in PET with pump lid. Capacity 100ml.

Fill It 200

Refillable bottle 200 ml Fill It 200
Refillable bottle in PET with pump lid. Capacity 200ml.

Lyze - 94922

LYZE. Hand cleansing alcohol base 50 ml with carabiner - Silver
Alcohol-based hand cleansing in 50 ml PETG bottle with flip top cap and carabiner. Formulation with 68% alcohol. Cosmetic product. Practical to take and use anywhere.45 x 120 mm

Whidy - 94953

WHIDY. Automatic dispenser
ABS and PP automatic soap and disinfectant dispenser with infrared motion sensor with white LED inside the container and 330 ml capacity (soap or disinfectant not included). Includes 4 AAA batteries. Supplied in box.123 x 195 x 83 mm
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