Beach Umbrellas

Parana - 98320

PARANA. Sunshade - Light Grey
210T reclining beach umbrella with silver lining. Supplied in pouch with handle. ø1400 mm | 1600 mm | Pouch: 1010 x 110 mm

Dering - 98332

DERING. Sunshade - White
170T beach umbrella. Supplied in bag with handle. ø1400 mm | 1600 mm | Pouch: 1000 x 120 mm


Portable sun shade umbrella    MO6184-06 Parasun - Grey
Portable sun shade umbrella in 210T polyester with inner UV coating for instant protection (SPF 30+). Lightweight and adjustable. Portable pouch included. Ø 150 cm.
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